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    Brandon Flowers 

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    does he even realise how hot this is? who am i kidding, of course he does

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    He is a god

    Just look at him.

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    …and that’s how the story began.

    I just needed it on my dash. 

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    Runaways - March Madness - Dallas, TX [04.05.2014]

    this makes me happy

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    ron, you feelin sassy in brandon’s lipgloss?

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    Brandon Flowers


  9. "We toured with The Killers for a little while, and watching a guy like Brandon Flowers and seeing what a professional he is, he just works. Every day he goes to sound check and is merciless on himself. I don’t know what their schedule is like, but they must do 200 shows a year, day after day after day, and he maintains this incredible enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism. That’s an inspiring thing. There are times when you play show after show, and you take it for granted that that’s what you do with your life, but these guys who have been doing it longer than us at a higher level, I think that’s one of the secrets to their success. And every show seems like a huge deal to them."
    — The Felice Brothers (Esquire Interview - April 08, 2014 here)

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  10. Here is your Killers trivia of the day, boys and girls.


    Island put the wrong version of the song Move Away on Sawdust. The version that made the record is nothing more than a rough cut that was never really intended to be heard. If you listen closely when Brandon sings, “I’m never gonna live it down,” he doesn’t quite hit the correct notes, and proceeds to chuckle a little afterward.